Returning is never easy, especially when you need to go down some stairs, but none of this has shaken the new WOCS champ Larissa Pacheco. With a landslide victory in the 49th edition of the event, the Parana fighter, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, not only became the first female champion of the Watch Out Combat Show, but also proved to be better than before, more mature and also with a remarkable technical evolution.

Being back in the cages was a test of courage and obstinacy for the 23-year-old athlete, who had not fought since March 2015 after her UFC resignation and needed a long period to treat an injury, she had her left arm broken during fight against Germaine de Randamie at UFC 185, and many did not believe in fighter returns, there was a lot of speculation and she, with all patience and focus, kept her eyes on the target, getting better at the big comeback, the rebirth of Phoenix.

Larissa Pacheco MMA UFC wmma brazil fighter womens featherweight champion

The WOCS belt came through a fight against the promising PRVT athlete Karol Rosa, who is a training partner for a tormentor of Larissa, UFC fighter Jessica “Bate-Estaca” Andrade. The match was a real monologue, with a largely dominant Larissa, punishing Karol Rosa in the eight minutes that the fight lasted, until with a guillotine, the TFT athlete ended the fight by consecrating the first WOCS champion and stamping, without leaving margins for doubts, his return to mma.

– Returning was like the first time I fought, only the nervousness was zero. I was confident from the start, but I never underestimated my opponent, I always knew of her potential. I listened to many things until my return, but I kept focused and entered the cage with head held high, without fear of the public’s judgment and simply made my fight, I fought for myself, I fought to feel good, I fought without fear to show what I know and thank God it worked. – account.

Larissa Pacheco MMA UFC wmma brazil fighter womens featherweight champion

Larissa made her UFC debut at the age of 20 in September 2014 at UFC Fight Night 51, where she faced and was finished by Jessica Andrade. The following year, at the UFC’s 185th edition, still in her 20s, Larissa was knocked out by the Dutchman Germaine de Randamie.

– My period in the UFC was fast, I entered as a substitute and then I got seriously injured. The sudden fame for being a UFC fighter was very good, but then everything went very quickly, I had to sell everything I bought because I lost a lot of sponsorships and I was injured for a long period. – account

Larissa Pacheco MMA UFC wmma brazil fighter womens featherweight champion

Giving up has never been in the plans of Larissa, the girl who started training hidden from her mother to go in search of a dream. The beginning as a professional fighter occurred at a time when her mother, Mrs. Lucia, was ill and the family needed money to pay the bills at home. Even though she felt annoyed, Dona Lucia accepted and supported her daughter’s desire, but with one condition: “If I get caught up in the fight at home I will break you.”

It seems that this incentive worked, from the debut in 2012 until the first setback in 2014, Larissa added 10 wins in 10 fights, including winning the Jungle Fight belt, which led to the largest mixed martial arts event in the world. The first defeat, of the two that she owns, happened only in the UFC, but at that time, Dona Lucia was already the greatest encouragement of the daughter and was only affection with the warrior Paraense.

Larissa Pacheco MMA UFC wmma brazil fighter womens featherweight champion

– When I started in the world of fights my mother would not accept, so I started to train in hiding. Then she got sick and talked to her that she could make some struggling money and help out at home. She stopped, thought and told me to leave, but if I did, she would break me at home (laughs). Nowadays she is one of my greatest supporters.

Larissa worked during the day at the fair, with her grandfather selling flour, getting out of there and going to train for about two hours, finishing this first training, getting ready and going to school, after leaving school she would return to the gym and trained two more hours and arrived home around 11pm. This routine was repeated for a whole year, even training until Sundays.

– I always struggled for this dream, I would wake up early to work with my vow, then I would go to training, I would finish training and I would study, I would leave class and I would go back to training. I did this for a year, so I fortified myself, did three fights in the Jungle and won my belt. It was with this routine that I got to the UFC. – reveals

The fighter, a brown belt of jiu jitsu, today trains on the TFT with Tata Duarte and Philip Lima, is also trained by the master João Bastos, who accompanies the athlete since the age of 15.

Larissa Pacheco MMA UFC wmma brazil fighter womens featherweight champion

Still reaping the fruits of the newly won belt, just on March 24, Larissa remains grounded in her future, knowing that it is necessary to progress further as a fighter to prove she has the credentials to return to the ultimate Fighting Championship.

– I am more mature and conscious, I feel ready to go in pursuit of my goals. I’m sure everything will be different. May it be my year, that I come back to the UFC and show everything I know.

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